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Lingo Cheat Instructions

Welcome to the lingo cheat page! This web page is designed to give you the edge on
the popular five letter word game on cable! This page is especially useful and fun
if you have the ability to pause live TV! For instructions on how to use this page
please read the instruction below.
Lingo Example

So you been given a 'W' and you are all ready to cry uncle! Well don't; they gave
you a 'W'! Anyway getting serious now:
Try a word that starts with 'W', let's try WRITE and see what happens!
Lingo Example

Well it seems like we are on the right track! But it is not the word. So for this
example the red letters mean we have correct placement, yellow means the letters
are in the word but out of place, and the blue means that the letter is not in the
final word. So lets input this information in to the web page!

First under 'Correctly Placed Letters' place the letters one knows the placement
of in the appropriate box. This would be only the 'W' for now.

Under 'Out of Place Letters (And their location)' enter the letters in yellow, in
this example we would enter 'R', 'I', and 'E'. You will notice there are some radio
buttons (the little circles) to the right of these boxes. Simple click the
corresponding circle where the letter was out off place and we rule out words that
have the character to the left in the respective location!

Next we will want to enter under 'Letters Ruled Out' letters that remained blue, as
these letters are not in our word. In this example that would be the 'T'.

Click 'Find Words!' and a list of possible words will come up. The word is most likely
a word in this list. Pick from this list to get closer to the final word!

To make this process simpler and faster click the back button on your browser (or hit
backspace on some browsers). Do not clear the form! Simple add to the existing data!

Lingo Example

Let's try WIPER as this word has an 'R', 'I', and 'E' in it but none of the letters
are where they were yellow before also we have ruled out 'T' as a possibility! We
get the following information back:

Oh no it's not wiper? Well it was a good guess anyway as we got a lot of red letter!
But we did get some more information to enter. The correct place of more red letters,
and that 'P' is not in the word. Let's enter the new information. Remember how? (If
not that's ok, read above I'll wait!).

Lingo Example

Now we have a new list of possible words, let's try WIDER this time, DARN! Its not
WIDER! Well we find that 'D' is not in the word either, so we enter that in and get
a new word list.

Lets try WISER (just like you are now for learning how to use this
web page!) ALL RIGHT!!! It was WISER!!! Congratulations! If you want to try to
figure out a new word just go back to the form and click 'Clear Form'!

Lingo Example

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